Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Epic 24 Hour Race 2013

The third annual Epic 24 Hour race was a huge success in Spartanburg, SC!  About 150 runners took part in the event which has experienced monumental growth each year.  This event is more of a End of the Year Running Party than a race for me personally, but I somehow managed to sneak in about 52 miles over the course of the race.

I started running the 3.1 mile loop as the race began at 9:00 AM and finished a 50K distance in 7:28.  After taking a brief break, I headed out for a few more loops before taking a long break around 9 PM for some burgers and drinks.  I ran some more throughout the night and enjoyed staying warm by the fire as it rained on/off.

It was great to run a relaxed pace with so many friends and not feel any pressure from cutoffs or other racing logistics.  The new Race Director Angela Merrill did a fantastic job along with all of the volunteers who helped out.  This was the perfect way to close out my 2013 ultra racing year with friends & family.


  1. Man, this sounds epic indeed! All you guys writing about ultrarunning makes me wanna jump into it somedays (except for those days when I feel like crap out on the trails!)...

  2. I LOVED Epic! What an ultra party, especially out there in the wee hours. Ever time Viktor and I crossed paths though the night we gave out a yell or two! I managed to pull 55.8 out of it, a bit short of the 100k I'd planned on. Can't wait to go back for more in 2014 :-) BTW: Which one are you, in the pic above?

  3. "Epic" lived up to it's name for sure! I'm the guy in the red shirt. Yep, I'll see you in 2014 for sure!