Friday, January 27, 2012

Just A Little Insight

I haven't been posting on the blog much.  Not much to say really.

I have 21 weeks to go until I lineup at Western States.  I've paid, finished my eight hours of volunteer service, and mailed all of my paperwork in.  It seems much more real now.  It's flashing on the radar, but there are still a lot of other planes flying around too.  I'm 100% certain of my finish there in under 30 hours.  Not being arrogant, but my training is on the right track for it.  Besides, is there really any room for doubt anyway?

I'm taking on the challenge of finishing 100 miles under 24 hours at The Iron Horse Endurance Run in Florahome, FL in about three weeks.  That was my first 100 mile finish in 2010 and I'm excited to be returning.  I think about 50% of the course will be paved this time so it's going to be a different experience.  I'm craving some "zoned out zombie" running time on a flat course with no chance of getting lost.  It's all about running here - a big change from courses that I normally run though the wilderness with tricky trails to navigate.

The sub 24 hour finish is important to me, but not as vital as the running itself.   I'm looking forward to spending time with friends and sharing the struggle of what lies ahead into the great unknown.  Pain is guaranteed, but finishing is not unless you want it bad enough.  This is not a training run for WS100, this is a race where I plan to lay it all out across the 4 X 25 mile out-n-back route.

On to a different subject - I enjoyed a great run with friends through the 33 mile Laurel Valley course last Saturday.  I hope to run it 2-3 more times before WS100 in June.   Congrats to Bo and Viktor who completed their first runs through the course.  It was great to share some of this experience with them and a few other guys.


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