Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Weeks 1-8 Training for Foothills Trail & Pinhoti 100

I'm often hard on myself with training.  Most runners are.

If I'm not then it probably won't get done.  At least not right or even close to being right.

I've decided to be "seriously fun" with my training for now.  I'm getting in my miles, but still keeping it fun.  This is a hobby - not a job.

I have six weeks until the 77 mile Foothills Trail Run and twenty weeks until Pinhoti.  That sentence gets my attention because I'm finishing them both strong this time.

Here is how my first eight weeks have went...

I've dropped 38 pounds and I can tell a huge difference in my running from that alone.

Planned Weekly Miles        Actual Miles
Week 1:     32                               32
Week 2:     60                               60
Week 3:     37                               45
Week 4:     45                               58
Week 5:     42                               42
Week 6:     45                               34
Week 7:     100                             97
Week 8:     35                               28

I feel that I'm right on track with a 50 mile/week average.

Over the next eight weeks I'm going to continue my weight loss and mix in a LOT of hill running.

Ups & Downs.  Roads, Treadmill, and Trail.  I need them badly.

I feel very comfortable jogging flats and slight grades so it's time to face what has been my weakness.  The hills.

Speaking of hills, I'm really looking forward to running one of my favorite ultras - The Chattooga 50K on 6/26.  I'm approaching it as a training run, but it will be fun to see where I'm at with my training by then.


  1. I like the "fun" part of your plan. Nothing wrong with pushing yourself, as long as your still enjoying the journey!

    If running the Southside Loop or Croft is your training plan this summer, let me know.

  2. PS - Congrats on the weight loss; that is awesome!

  3. Nice to see all the NC love. Enjoyed your Weymouth review as I am most likely running it next year. Solid looking 8 weeks!

  4. Your weight loss is just amazing Big, er Medium, E! Seriously looking forward to Chattooga and staying on trail this time.

    Keep up the amazing work...good things are happening :))

  5. Dropped 38 pounds? Wow- that would definitely help a lot!