Thursday, June 9, 2011

Laz's Backyard Ultra Marathon - Whatcha think?

I'm a subscriber to the Ultra Running Listserv through Dartmouth College which probably has close to 3,000 members on it.  Laz (Gary Cantrell) is putting on this uniuque event who is also the Race Director of The Barkley Marathons.  Most likely the world's toughest footrace.

The format of the race definately has my curiosity peaked.  A date has not been announced yet, but it sounds like it may happen sometime in the fall.  I doubt that I will be able to work it in with my son playing fall Football, but I will go if I can.

Here is the format and the original email from Laz:


so the other night i was asked;

"are you having a race in our yard again?"

at first i thought it might be a rhetorical question, like the oft repeated;

"are you really trying to find that dog a home?"

but i decided i should give it some thought...

which didnt take long, because i am not a big thinker.

i thought this could be the opportunity to try something a little different,

a race under a format i have fantasized about for many years...

a "4-mile" race.

here is the concept:

i can lay out a really cool, but not especially challenging, 4 mile loop course around the farm.

at 7:00 am on saturday, we would start a 4-mile race around that loop.

at 8:00 am we do it again

at 9:00 am we do it again

and so on.

the deal is; you are in the race until you fail to finish a 4-mile loop in an hour, or you fail to toe the start line for the next hour's race.

the winner is the last man (or woman) standing.

the race goes until only one man (or woman) is left.

standings would be graded in a hierarchy:

1) total number of 4-milers completed within the hour limit

2) cumulative time for those 4-milers

is there anyone besides me that would find this an intriguing challenge?

laz =

Personally, I find it very intriguing and thought that you may too.


  1. Cool idea- I would be up for something like that.

  2. I think I'm IN is what I think!

    However, we would all be wise to remember that Laz cannot be trusted. "A really cool but not especially challenging course" can mean a lot of things...:)

  3. I like that - later the fall the better! Keep us posted!