Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight Loss Contest? You wanna be thin and a better runner, right?

So there is lots of smack talking going on leading into The Sweet H20 50K this weekend in Lithia Springs, GA.  Thats good - I think there should be.  This seems to be the type of event where runners try to "race" and not just run. 

In the midst of all the trash talking a weight loss challenge was brought up and started on Facebook.  You want in on the action?  Come on and join in.  It officially starts up on 4/18 and I'm sure the details will be ironed out then.  A percentage based contest format will probably be used to make it fair.

So far a 16 pack of a E-Gels from Crank Sports is up for the winner.!/group.php?gid=106622436040089

Sounds like a great way for me to actually win something for a change!


  1. You better not be spending extra time at the aid stations this weekend, "cramming" for the official weigh in!

  2. Team Jason gonna work it out! This is going to be a great contest.