Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Fever - Here is the plan...

Running just gets more exciting when things start turning green on the trails.  Yes, I do enjoy a frosty 20 degree morning run, but bright sunshine at 72 degrees?  You can't beat it.

Running seems easier when you see the forest coming to life all around you.  Little varmits crawling and hoping around and even more people out on the trails enjoying their beauty.  Heck, I even like the unleashed 120 Lb. German Shepard that "would never hurt anyone" as it lunges towards my neck.

I'm about to be slapped silly at The Sweet H20 50K on April 16.  Yea, I'm feeling OK with these 15-20 mile runs, but I'm not quite ready for Sweet.  Thats OK.  I need it.  I need to hurt and suffer.  I need to snarl at the one hill after another that will be served up. 

I will swear off ultra running again as I lose my lunch on those huge powerline climbs and it will be awesome.  Then I get to do it again on the 2nd loop.

Eight week game plan:

Suffer through Sweet H20 50K with a huge lack of training.  I deserve it and want it.
Push the envelope farther at Enoree 40 miler on May 1st.  Yep, it will probably be a physical suck-fest too.
Do some crewing/pacing at The Massanutten 100 miler.
Bust out two more high mileage training weeks and FINISH The Foothills Trail on May 20th.

I have tons of motivation to get that monkey off my back.  No excuses.

My rule is this:  I cannot signup for anymore 100 mile races until I finish The Foothills Trail.

Its going down May 20th.

Happy Spring Running to the rest of ya...


  1. Get some Big Easy! SweetH20 is gonna rock!

    I like your plan to get after that FHT finish, I'm gonna look at my schedule and see what is going down on that weekend.

  2. Sounds like our training isn't too far off from each other as I also prep for Enoree. What will your FHT prep weeks look like? Hmmm...

  3. Yeah, I love the return of the green as well. I'm starting to feel inspired again.
    Agree with Thomas...SweetH20 is gonna ROCK! Bring on the river crossings, hills, wind, rain, and pain!
    You guys must be loving this race for the "newbies" like me, huh?:))