Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I just run.

Last night I was busting it hard on the treadmill in the bonus room above my garage at home.  As I kept hitting the big "+" button which increases the pace I was getting closer and closer to a 8 mile/min pace.  I suddenly realized something.

I don't run because I think its good for me or healthy. 

I just run.

I like how I feel when I plan a run, when I'm getting ready to run, when I'm running, and when I finish running.  I think I like them all equally.

I don't care if its a mile or 100 miles, I just like it.  Although I do find myself drawn to the longer runs.

Not once do I remember thinking, "I need to run so I will be healthier."

If I didn't run then I would probably be the fat, bald, back-hair guy in the gym walking around in a tank top and those loose fitting circus pants.  Yea, my chest & arms would be kinda buff, but the rest would be mushy.


With that being said I'm super pumped about running 34 on the Foothills Trail with a group next weekend.  This will be my first ultra distance since The Seashore 50K on 12/18 (3 months ago).  Seems longer than that for some reason.

Even more time to think about stuff like this.


  1. I totally agree Jason. I just love to run - especially out in the woods! Good luck next weekend - maybe next year I can join you all for some long distance adventures!

  2. Running is good. Jason, hope to see you at a race soon!

  3. I'm with you - health reasons have always been just a perk of running (and helps keep my family-history of high cholesterol in check!).
    Still tentative about Bad Creek...will see how the week in Philly goes next week. Will definitely keep you and Dan posted.

  4. I totally get this. It's never been about the health of it for me, either. (Although, I am vain enough to really dig it when I'm in shape:))

    Looking forward to finally getting some trail time with you at Bad Creek...and beeeeyond!!!

  5. Very cool man. I get it too. I tri because I like to tri.

  6. Great post and like the blog. I see we have crossed races before, and have some of the same races on our schedule for 2011. Terri does put on a great race series. FATS is in my backyard - Where I do most of my long runs. Any tips for Pinhoti would be great.

  7. haha.. some funny stuff about the guy at the gym in the tank top.

    Great read and looking forward to more.
    Gotta Run,