Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 – Some goals and reflection…

Goals for 2011 -

Run & Finish The 2011 South Carolina Ultra Trail Series (5 Races)
- 40 Miler (Enoree)
- 50K (Chattooga & FATS)
- 24 Hour Run (Woods Ferry)
- 50+ Miler (Long Cane)

Run 100 Miles (Not sure where or when yet)

Run the 50K distance under 6:00.

Complete the 77 mile Foothills Trail under 36 hours.

Pace / Crew a friend to her first 100 mile finish at

Possibly Pace / Crew for some other runners.

For me, running is about sharing, learning, and growing.  Much of this comes alone in training, but it also happens during group runs or races.  I’m thankful for all of the friends that I’ve made through this sport.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, but some of the highlights that I have pictures for.

Sweeping Laurel Valley & Meeting Weezy & Elson during the battle…

May 2009 – Finishing my first ultra at The Buncombe 34 miler…

Finishing my first 100 miler at Iron Horse in Florida…

Helping my son run 25 miles and finishing the 1.2 to make a marathon!DSC01657
Racing the final .25 miles of a half marathon against a blonde that I don’t know with my tongue out and beating her!
Running a 50K in a Nor’easter

Summer Foothills Run with the Weezy…

Running two half-marathons with my wife!

Meeting lots of cool families…

Because I get to try and keep up with a man named Mad Dog!

Foothills Trail night runs!
Group Photo Were DONE Which Way Do We Go Charles BOO BOO

Putting yourself up against 77 mile runs with a 100 degree heat index…

Crewing with my son and friends to help other runners achieve greatness…
Startjoerichardbyron 73924_1732345229626_1268375776_31966257_7300509_n 149093_1757653180567_1216125697_2009340_6892939_n 149499_1732339709488_1268375776_31966231_7952161_n

100 Mile Belt Buckles – They are hard to get, but worth every step…

Coming up short, but seeing your friends get it done!

Can’t wait to see which photos go here for 2011….

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  1. Awesome! Great year and I love your focus on the future . . . including helping others!! My kind of runner!

  2. 2011 is going to be a great year Big E! Great post!

  3. AAaaaah!!! GOOSEBUMPS!!!! That was simply...awesome!

    "For me, running is about sharing, learning, and growing." You said it, Big Easy.

    I am so thankful that our paths crossed in 2010 and resulted in such a fine friendship. I love you, man:)))

  4. I thought about you earlier today, Jason, and went looking for you. This is an excellent post and I enjoyed seeing how far you've come.
    I've got a lot on my plate, but I may show up at Enoree Passage 40. I want to run Pinhoti 100 in November as my first 100 attempt. No Long Cane for me this year, unfortunately, because I have the Black Mountain Monster 24 Hour the following week.
    I hope to see you at some races this year, because it's been great keeping in touch.

    The blonde that you stuck your tongue out at during the half marathon...is she single? I'm just curious.

  5. Nice plans (and review) Jason...best of luck in 2011! Hope our paths cross again soon...