Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seashore 50K Quick Race Report

I ran the 2nd annual Seashore 50K in Virginia Beach on 12/18.  This was my 2nd time running the race and as always, it lived up to my expectations. And then some….

When you first think of VA, Beach you think FLAT.  Well, if you ever run this race at Seashore Park you will soon learn that hills have been imported from other various parts of the state!  No major climbs, but rolling hills that add up over 50Ks.  Add 1 inch of packed snow and ice to the trail and it ends up being a winter wonderland of fun.

Seriously, if you are ever in the area on the third weekend in December you should run this race.  It is organized super tight with timing chips, a well marked course, awesome aid stations, what seems to be a 3-1 volunteer/runner ration (with 200+ runners), and a very scenic trail.

I was shooting to PR my 50K time here with a 5:59, but ended up with a solid 6:37.  Not too shabby for me considering the slick conditions of the trail.  I pushed as hard as I could go for the entire race and I’m very happy with my time. 

For $80, the RD hooked us up with a nice pullover rain jacket, paper weight, key chain, finisher’s medal, finisher’s hat, free parking, and a post race party!

Great event that I hope to repeat many times…..

On a totally different note I’m going to be forced into taking some time off ultra running.  I’m guessing about 4 months.  I’ve had some issues with high blood pressure during the past few days and I need to focus solely on getting this under control and dropping weight. 

I will still see many of you at some of the winter/spring races as a volunteer.  I’m excited about getting healthier in 2011 and hitting some new PRs in the 2nd half of the year.


  1. Sounds like your thinking straight! Proud of you! You will come back, stronger, faster and with a true love for running!

  2. Jason, I wish you the best of luck in your recovery and time off from the ultra races. I know that you will bounce back well, because you're a trooper. I'll be sending some good thoughts your way this winter and spring.
    In the meantime, congrats on a fast 50K! This Seashore race sounds like a fun time.

  3. Good to see you yesterday Jason. I plan on running the Enoree 40 miler this year. See you there!