Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pinhoti 100 Miler Is In 23 Days – I have a Plan

I will start slow, I will start slow, I must start slow.  Gotta remember that.
Eat & Drink something every thirty minutes.  Not fun at 3:00 AM, but necessary.
Live in the moment.  Enjoy the people & trail.  Thank God for every step.

Even though I have never ran a single step on this trail, I believe that I can finish it under 28 hours.  The cutoff time is 30 hours and I don’t want to end up playing “beat the clock” as the sun is coming up for the 2nd day on Sunday morning.  I’ve recently lost a few of those games, but not this time.

I will have drop bags at miles 27, 41, 69, and 86.  The aid stations at Pinhoti will be excellent so I’m not going to put much stuff in the bags.  Only what I really need so I don’t waste a bunch of time just standing there starring at everything.  Although, that is a lot of fun.

Wayne D. and I are talking of running the entire course together.  I will probably slow him down, but I selfishly and secretly hope that it works out that way. 

My friend Jason R. will begin pacing me around midnight near mile 65 all the way into the finish.

I will enter the race with an attitude of “going with the flow”.  The race will never unfold as I imagine.  There will be highs & lows.  Stuff will go wrong and unusually right.  Either way – here is my game plan.

Pace Chart For 28 Hour Finish at Pinhoti -
Race Starts At 6 AM (CST)
Sunrise: 6:45 AM & Sunset 6:00 PM


Drop Bags

1 (27.66 Miles) AMP Energy Drink / Glide / Desitin / Clip2 / Propel / Band –Aids / Toothbrush / Paste / Special Snack

2 (40.94 Miles) AMP Energy Drink / Glide / Desitin / Clip2 / Propel / Band –Aids / Both Head Lights / Special Snack

3 (55.34 Miles) AMP Energy Drink / Glide / Desitin / Band –Aids / Cap / Long Shirt / Pants / Gloves/ Special Snack

4 (68.75 Miles) AMP Energy Drink / Glide / Desitin / Band –Aids / Cap / Coat / Warmer Gloves / Special Snack

5 (85.60 Miles) AMP Energy Drink / Glide / Desitin / Band –Aids / Cap / Tooth Brush / Paste / Special Snack / Road Shoes / New Socks

6 Finish Change of Clothes / Shoes / Cash / Toiletries


  1. Well thought out awesome plan, Jason. We're all gonna ROCK this babeeee!!

  2. Looks like a plan Jason! Enjoy it up there!

  3. I really really want to know what the Special Snack is??? LOL. Looks good have fun

  4. Go Jason Goooooooooooooo!!!!!

  5. You are SO READY! I'm with you in spirit my friend!

  6. Jason,

    Looks like you have a good plan. I can't even begin to imagine 100 miles! I really enjoy the blog. I stumbled upon it after following some links while researching upcoming trail races. After a five year hiatus from trail running, I am slowly but surely building up some mileage. Maybe next year I might try a 50K.


    PS - Ever train at Southside? I noticed in one of your previous entries that you are from Spartanburg.

  7. just wondering...did you calculate Daylight Savings time???