Monday, May 24, 2010

Laurel Valley Outcast Run + 10 miles for fun.

As of today, this is my favorite 30+ stretch of trail - it's just that simple.  I've only ran it twice, but it is so captivating.  Steep climbs, whitewater rivers, waterfalls, dramatic drop offs, lush vegetation, wildlife, and all around incredible scenery.

I left the house at 2:45 AM and drove up to Laurel Valley so I could sneak in ten before the official "Outcast Run" at 6:30 AM.  It was a dark & steep climb up to Sassafras mountain.  The more I climbed the cloudier it got and I was eventually inside a cloud and soaked to the bone.  Then I made the turn around near the 5 mile mark and marched back down the mountain to meet up for the rest of the run.

First off, the runners who showed up were great to spend the day with on the trail.  Terri, Sam, Psyche, Lester, Sheri, Dave, Byron, and Charles were just the perfect addition to the incredible journey.  It was nice to be able to break away and be alone for a short time and then join back up with others for some trail talk.
The day went well and everyone made it out alive.  I enjoyed spending some down time in the water at several stops.  As a matter of fact I spent a lot of time in the water and enjoyed every minute of it.

Lester ran up on a bear only about 4 miles into the run.  I think it just saw him and took off running into the woods.

The steps are tough, but the scenery is so worth every painful one of them.

This run was very important because I feel confident in finishing the point to point run on the Foothills Trail in July.

It was an all around perfect day out with great people on the trail.  What more can I say about this one?!

Thanks Psyche for the photos...


  1. I imagine this will be my favorite trail for a long time to come. Images of you sitting in the waterfall will be with me for a while- not to mention all the fun and comeraderie of the day. Simply...awesome.

    As the pain of that last 40 minutes fades...already wondering if Claude would let me in the race...

  2. Nice writeup Jason - short and sweet! The beauty of the trails themselves speak volumes...sharing this day with all of you was indeed something special. As Arnold says "I'll be back"!!

  3. Hate I missed this - but I'll see you in 2 weeks at Chattooga.