Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foothills Trail - The beast awaits.....

I'm fascinated with the Foothills Trail in the upstate of South Carolina & some of North Carolina.  I know that there are tougher & more rugged mountain ranges across our big ball of mud, but this trail is a hidden gem in the Southeast that always demands respect from it's visitors.  

Here is the Foothills Trail Conference's description of the trail...

Whether you are looking for a long-distance backpacking trip or an exciting day-hike, the Foothills Trail offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore the Southern Appalachians. About 77 miles in length, the Foothills Trail is located along the Blue Ridge Escarpment in Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina. The trail is within easy driving distance of Greenville, Asheville, Charlotte, and Atlanta.
The landscape is diverse, ranging from high rocky outcrops with views to the distant horizon, to quiet forests in deep valleys carved by bold mountain streams. Elevations along the trail range from 1,120 feet at Table Rock State Park to 3,560 feet atop Sassafras Mountain.
I'm planning two ultra running attempts across the trail in July.  One on the 10th, the other on the 24th.  In preparation for July, I plan to run the first 50 miles on Saturday.  I will be starting from Table Rock State Park (Eastern End) around 3:00 AM and will meet some other runners 13.5 miles west of there around 6:30 AM.  I enjoy night hikes/runs and this one should not disappoint with some spectacular vistas atop Table Rock & Pinnacle Mountain.

I don't have any time goals - just to finish about 50 miles later at Upper White Water Falls before dark.

I'm taking what I learned from last year's Laurel Valley Race (Report & Photos Here) and using what worked.  Also, here is my link to what worked & what didn't.

I plan to start the early accent with a foot long sub in hand and eat it as I climb.  Here is what else I will be using.  Hopefully, I will have it down to what I need this time around:
  • 64 Ounce Camelbak Without the bladder to hold my stuff with extra pouch
  • 2 Handheld Bottles - 20 oz
  • 5 Snicker Marathon Bars
  • 5 Peanut Bars
  • 2 Packs Gu Chomps (Asst. Flavors)
  • 2 Cliff Block Shots
  • 6 Gels
  • 6 Clip2 Mixing Packs
  • A couple Beef Jerky "Mystery Meat" Things
  • Steripen to treat water
  • One bottle 5 Hr. Energy
  • 1 Pack caffeinated Jelly Beans
  • 40 Scaps
  • Head Lamp
  • Small Glide Roll
I look forward to posting the outcome after the run.  It should be an adventure.

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  1. WOW!!! Way cool idea! And I love the new look of the blog!!