Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Running Nutrition Review - CLIP2

I'm a huge fan of Succeed's Scap electrolyte tabs.  They keep me from cramping and I use them during every long run to regulate my electrolyte intake.

Earlier in the year I tried some of their Clip2 and I just could not get past the taste.  I tried it sitting at home in the kitchen and I had no desire to drink it during a run.  It just didn't appeal.  I gave away the sample packs that I had and wrote it off for good.  So I thought....

Since then I have been struggling with finding the answer to nutrition during long runs of 20 miles or more.  Run after run I found myself struggling into aid stations behind on water with low blood sugar and starving.  I would eat a LOT of food, drink some fluid, fill up my water bottle and head back out.  I would feel good for a few miles and then the cycle would start again.  It was very frustrating to run this way.

Several runners have suggested that I give a powder such as Clip2 another try.  I reluctantly agreed and feared that it would make me nautious while out on the trail.  However the pros simply outweighed the cons.  Here is the description of Clip2 from Succeed's website...

CLIP2 provides

* Energy

* Alertness

* Better recovery after a long run

* Prevention of muscle breakdown in long runs

* Single-serving packets

* Anti-oxidants Vit. C and E to prevent exercise-induced muscle damage

So I figured why not give it a try at the Woods Ferry 24 Hour Run?  Worse case scenario was that I would drink it and get sick.  If so, I could always go lay down for a few hours and then get back to running.

After completing 20 miles I decided to give the Clip2 a try.  I filled up my 20 oz. handheld halfway with water and then added a pack of the powder into it.  I screwed on the cap and shook it hard for a few seconds and let the fizz buzz off then filled the rest of the bottle with water. 

The powder has a faint smell of fruit and has the consistency of baby powder.  I was really nervous about taking the first drink, but did so and was pleasantly surprised!  It tasted like very weak Kool-Aid with a little bit of Gatorade mixed in the back somewhere.

I sipped on the mixture for about 5 miles and then rolled into the next aid station feeling much more nutritionally satisfied.  I had a few pretzels and filled my bottle up with water then got back to the run.  I noticed that the Clip2 seemed to keep me feeling "even" for about 15 miles.  I used four packets of it during the race (68 miles over 24 hours) and will probably never go over 20 miles again without having it available.

While I did have some hallucinations during the early morning around the 24th hour of running I felt more alert during the night.  I seemed to have better control over my emotions and I was able to think more clearly.

I can't say enough good things about this stuff.  It is relatively cheap at $18.95 for 24 packs plus they have a sample size for you to try out for about $5.00.  They even have larger quanities available for a reduced price.


  1. Jason,
    Great post about Woods Ferry. This was my Dad and I's first Ultra, we did 50, actually more like 52 as we got lost in the dark once. This was also my first trail run, what an introduction to ultra trail running! The last lap in the dark was brutal, but truthfully I was holding my 61 yr old Dad back. We came in as Christian was finishing his 100K, saw you on the table. I thought that might be the longest run. But I see you and a few brave courageous souls went back into that dark abyss. This was a great laid back introduction to ultras. I'll probably do a 50K trail runner later this year. Thanks for sharing all the great pics!

    John H.

  2. Where do you buy your Scaps from? For 50K length events would you use the Ultra formula or Clip2? I'm surprised this stuff is not available online through the popular running stores.



    I have no financial interest with this company. Just solid products!

  4. Hi! Found your blog researching the Enorbee Passage 40 Mile Run. I was wondering if you were familiar with the course and if it is "doable" as a first Ultra?

    I'm loving going throughyour blog. Have a great day:)