Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three 50Ks over the next five weekends....

Well it's time to try something new. This may be stupid or it may be smart, but it sounds too fun to resist. I like messing with my mind and legs. Throwing various screw balls at both of them all of the time keeps it fun for me....

I'm gonna take a shot at finishing three 50Ks over the next five weekends. The key for me is "finishing" and not racing which seems to be how I enjoy most of these events anyway.

Beth & the kids will be out of town during spring break week (Chattooga & H20) so I figure that I may as well run myself into the ground...

The lineup:

3/13 - Crowders Mt. 50K self-supported run
3/27 - Chattooga River 50K self-supported run
4/3 - Sweet H20 Race

I plan to follow up on how this turns out.


  1. Will look for you at Reedy this morning and say hello, although doubtful with ~1500 there. Good luck with these. I need to go scout out Chattooga as that will be my 1st 50k..I only know some of it.

  2. I don't think you'll beat yourself up too much with 3x50K in 3 weeks. All are tough runs. I've run 2 and hear Chattooga is tough- but maybe more due to the weather in the summer when the "real" race is run.

    See you in the morning at Crowder's Mt.!

  3. My calves have been really tight recently. Have cramped up a couple of times going up stairs. Cramped up last night. Haven't got much sleep this week. Woke up with sore legs & not feeling great. Decided to stay home. Went back to bed until 11 AM! Ran for 2 hours at ASC and felt so so.