Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post 100 Mile - Recovery Notes

I wanted to quickly document my recovery methods after running the first 100 mile race. Rotating hot Epsom Salt baths with ice & elevation worked very well for my first week of recovery. I'm still learning how to do this ultra stuff so I thought it would be wise to keep this for future references. If it helps someone else out, then that is another bonus:

2/14/2010 (Sunday) - Finished race at 8 AM
My upper body felt fine. No signs of major fatigue from my neck to my hips. My legs felt very heavy (of course!) as if concrete mix had been poured into my bones. I kicked a root and tripped during the race and this caused the top of my right foot to swell considerably. I didn't want to think about running after the race (mentally) and my mind was all over the map.

2/15/2010 (Monday) - I drifted on & off as I slept Sunday night. My legs were very stiff and sore while trying to get out of the bed. It took a lot of effort to walk for the first 30 minutes out of the bed. My right ankle was swollen to twice it's normal size and I had very limited movement in it. I should have probably taken the day off work, but I figured it may be good to move around some and get my mind back into "normal" society. I had a hot soaking bath with Epsom Salts after work and elevated my bad foot with ice. No exercise today.

2/16/2010 (Tuesday) - I slept solid Monday night. Tuesday morning was similar to Monday morning. Very limited movement in my swollen right foot which was starting to look better. I soaked in hot Epsom Salts that morning before and after work. No exercise.

2/17/2010 (Wednesday) - Sleep was back to normal. Nearly all of the swelling was gone in the foot and I had about 50% mobility in it. I walked ran two slow miles and felt very tired after the run. Once again - Espsom salts before and after work.

2/18/2010 (Thursday) - My foot "looked" normal in the morning and mobility was up to around 90%. I ran three slow miles on some hilly terrain and felt great. However, after the run I nearly went to sleep in the car on the ride home. My body was feeling stronger, but still needed lots of rest/nutrition. One final Epsom Salt soak Thursday night before doing a light gym workout.

2/19/2010 (Friday) - No exercise and my foot looks normal with nearly full mobility. Some surface areas were still a bit sore to the touch.

2/20/2010 (Saturday) - 6 Mile Trail run pushing the pace around (9/min miles) - Yeah - that is pushing for me!!! I felt great during the run and had plenty of energy afterwards.

10 days after the race I'm now getting back on my normal schedule. I will run about 35 miles this week including a long run of 12 miles. I'm back in the gym on my normal routine as well.

I'm playing the next five weeks by ear and trying to listen to my body. Sweet H20 is my next ultra on April 3rd and I want to be as prepared as possible heading into my first run on that course. My goal is to build back up to a 50 mile week before running H20. I can't wait to get down to Atlanta and give it a shot!

I haven't been able to find another 100 mile race that fits my schedule & budget. I do have two 24 hour events lined up (Lynch's Woods & Hinson Lake) so they may have to serve that purpose until next year.


  1. WOW! You are going to do awesome in Atlanta. I am glad to hear that you are feeling like yourself again!!

  2. Thnaks for the post! Just got signed up for Chattooga 50k. My plan is to work up to back-to-back long runs 16/22 with the longer one each week being on trails. My goal is of course to finish! If my training goes well during/after, will do others in the SC ultra series.