Thursday, November 12, 2009

92 Days until the 100 miler & I could use a pacer

I really enjoy reading race reports. You learn so much about running, people, and courses when you read stories from another person’s perspective. Last weekend the Pinhoti 100 mile trail race took place in Alabama. I think five GUTS runners ran it (and finished!) & another group ran a couple aid stations throughout the race.

Since the days are slowly closing in for my first shot at the mighty hundo, I am “all ears” gathering as much information as possible to give me the best chance of finishing. David R. volunteered & helped run the aid stations to get a better look at what it takes to go 100 miles for his own shot at it next year. If you are researching this type of information I highly suggest you check out his Pinhoti report HERE. Great perspective from the other side of the aid station.

There are lots of variables that play out in any race, but I keep noticing how vital pacers are in these 100 milers. A pacer is someone who runs/walks with you on the trail and makes sure you are doing the things you need to do in order to finish. For example, they will make sure you are eating/drinking, staying on the race route, keeping an eye on the time, talking with you, keeping your spirits up through the night, and much more. Why would you need this? After running for ten hours your mind starts getting mushy and doesn’t ring up thoughts as quickly as it should. A pacer kinda replaces your brain so you can go on auto-pilot and keep moving forward.

Kim P. went down to Pinhoti to pace a runner and has given me lots of helpful tips. None were bigger and more important that finding a pacer. I have heard the same advice from several other experienced runners like Kim, but it hasn’t really hit me until now - (hard headed man syndrome) HHMS.

I do need a pacer for the final 25-30 miles & hope to come up with one between now and then.

This is a flat course that is 12.5 miles out-n-back that will be completed 4 times to make 100 miles. It is on an unimproved rail trail near Jacksonville, FL. Iron Horse 100 Website.

The course is open for 26 hours so my goal will be to stay well ahead of that time. I‘ve been working on my splits and here is what I have so far. I realized that time will be lost at aid stations, changing clothes, etc. so this will be my overall pace including all stops. I have a GOLD, SILVER, & BRONZE game plan.

Finish in 24 hours-

Average 14.24 min/mile Pace
12.5 miles 3:00:00 Hours
25 miles 6:00:00
37.5 miles 9:00:00
50 miles 12:00:00
62.5 miles 15:00:00
75 miles 18:00:00 Pacer @ 1 AM
87.5 miles 21:00:00
100 miles in 1 day

Finish in 26 hours-

Average 15.36 min/mile Pace
12.5 miles 3:15:00 Hours
25 miles 6:30:00
37.5 miles 9:45:00
50 miles 13:00:00
62.5 miles 16:15:00
75 miles 19:30:00 Pacer @ 2:30 AM
87.5 miles 22:45:00
100 miles in 1 day, 2 Hrs.



  1. GO JASON GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I look forward to meeting you at Pine Mtn. Scott's running and I'll be along for moral support :)

  2. Man, I'd love to be there to run some with you. But it's faaarrrrrrrr. And it's Valentine's Day. I don't see it happening for me. But I'm sure folks will step up.

    I like the plans. Go for Gold!

  3. I'm signed up for the 50 miler, so I will see you there and will be cheering you on. I vote for the Gold Plan! Train well.

  4. State Indoor Track Meet's that day, otherwise I might enjoy the trip & checking out the race. I ran my 100 with no crew or pacer and kind of liked it that way. I had a cell phone with me & got a lot of calls during the race which was helpful.

  5. That is amazing! I can't wait to see how it goes!