Thursday, October 29, 2009

15 Week Training Schedule Until Iron Horse 100 Miler

Woooaa! I cannot believe my first crack at 100 miles is rapidly approaching - about 15 weeks out. I spent some time during the past few days evaluating where I am and where I need to go.

1. I have a good base. I've slowly worked up to a 40+ mile run in October and still had a little energy left in the tank after the run. It went slow, but it felt right.

2. Weight loss is a top priority. Since dropping from Weight Watchers several months ago my weight has been yo-yoing around 245 (give or take 10 lbs. any given week). So I am back into good ol' WW on Monday. Hey, stepping on the scale and weighing in front of strangers works for me! This time I am getting to my lifetime goal weight! My goal - arrive at the Iron Horse 100 at a lean 225 lbs. ready to tear it up!

3. After a month I have realized that cross training does not seem improve my ultra running. That is, when I replace my short to mid distance runs during the week with other aerobic activities/weight lifting. I have missed my middle of the week runs and I'm excited to have them back. However, I am still sneaking in a little cycling & crossfit at the gym ;]

4. I revised my 15 week training schedule. If you are interested you can view it HERE. I have three ultra races scheduled between now and the hundo' in February to keep me rolling with the long runs.

For now, I am focusing on training for the Pine Mountain 40 mile run in December. I'm keeping my eye on one day at a time and enjoying the fall running...


  1. Looks good! Keep up that core work to help combat fatigue over the long distances. Dropping 20 lbs will help a lot! Ask me how I know. :)

  2. I look forward to seeing how these next few months go! My knees are still trashed from Medoc...but I am already contemplating the move up in distance. Keep us posted with frequent updates