Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ultra Training - Less running / more cross training?

I'm digging long trail runs over 20 miles. I wish I could do one everyday. I am so focused after the run and feel great. I never knew how addicting running could be. The confidence just keeps building after each run. Unfortunately, running the long training runs everyday doesn't fit into my life or physical abilities. I like to keep my training routines mixed up because I lose focus so quickly & fall into a rut. I have avoided the rut for well over a year now & intend to keep it that way.

Since beginning training for the 100 mile distance I have pushed my intensity up in everything. I'm running harder, faster, and farther than ever before - which is still not really fast or far! I'm carrying that same intensity over to the gym as well. It is tricky to find the line between pushing your limit and hurting yourself. I think the secret is pushing the envelope a little farther each time without over extending yourself.

I am a firm believer in Crossfit. This is exercise that pushes your body extremely hard (using great form) for short periods of time. You get a great cardio & weight workout if you follow the guidelines and apply yourself. I have read several different opinions on using this type of training for ultra running and believe that each individual should use whatever works for him/her. From what I have read - most ultra runners use some type of hybrid plan derived from the Crossfit basics.

After saying all of that my training is turning in another direction once again. I am running a 20+ mile training every Saturday and mixing in as much cross training & Crossfit as possible during the week. Every 3-4 weeks I will bump the mileage down some on Saturday for recovery.

So the schedule will look something like this:

Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Light 1 Hour Gym Or Rest
Monday: 2 Hours Gym
Tuesday: 2 Hours Gym
Wednesday: 2 Hours Gym
Thursday: 2 Hours Gym
Friday: Rest

The typical "Gym" workout consist of about 1 1/2 hours of cardio and 30 minutes of high intensity weights / machines.

I will use this schedule for the next month or two and see what happens. At the very least it will help me lose my last 20-30 pounds and keep me looking forward to the long weekend run.

I am super pumped about doing my first 40 miler at the FATS 40/50 Ultra Race on October 4th!

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  1. What's that Rest Day on Friday? Wuss.

    Seriously, that's a lot of workouts, dude. It'll be interesting to see how it progresses.

    Also looking forward to my first 40 miler at FATS!! Remind me again not to go out too fast. :)