Monday, August 3, 2009

Laurel Valley White Water Preview

I begged & pleaded with Claude Sinclair (Race Director) to let me run the Laurel Valley this Saturday and he agreed since my Landsford Canal 50k time was decent. He has big bold red letters on the entry page stating that you must have finished a 50 mile race to be considered for this one so I am a bit freaked out. 34 miles is my longest run to date.

Claude makes all of the first timers run "sweep" which means you are not allowed to pass other runners along the way. This forces you to take it easy (which will likely happen by default!) and make sure that everyone gets safely off the course. The park service gives us 12 hours to cover this rugged & mysterious 34-40 mile point to point section of the Foothills Trail.

Since this section of the Foothills Trail is so remote there is no way to provide aid to runners. I will be carrying enough food & other stuff to hopefully get me through the 12 hour day. I'm guessing that it will take at least 4,000 calories and lots of water treatment caps - amongst other stuff.

From looking at the profile map I can tell that it is going to be a wild run. I have heard that there is over a mile of stairs on the trail! On the other hand, there is supposed to be some very runnable areas too. They may end up being very "walkable" areas :]

Here is the plan going in. I will drive up to the start which is the Laurel Valley Parking Area on Friday night arriving about 8 PM. There is supposed to be a nice campsite about 100 feet down the trail. I hope to camp here with three other 5 AM sweepers.

Here is my pack list for the run Saturday. I have about 15 years of backpacking experience, but zero when it come to self-supporting ultra running. If some of you with experience see something that is missing or looks screwy let me know.

64 ounce Camelbak Hydration Back Pack
Much of the run is near water - bringing iodine treatment tabs
Some Gatorade Packs to flavor it
5 Smashed down PBJ wheat Sandwiches
6 Packs Gu Chomps
4 Roctane Gels
5 Cliff Block Shots
Five Hour Energy for 1/2 way
30 Scaps
2 sheets moleskin
Light (Starting at 5 AM in the dark)
Wind Breaker

Should be able to cram this into my camelbak. I have rigged up an extra "sandwich" pouch to go on the back :]

I am pumped to say the least!

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  1. More Scaps. :)

    How 'bout tortillas instead of bread for the sandwiches? Might last better in the pack. Or pita bread works good too. I'd be bringing more food. Maybe Snickers or PowerBars. Something with a good calorie bang for the buck.

    But you know what works good for you. I'm hoping to try this one next year. Maybe. I'll be watching for a good report.