Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Laurel Valley Run - Pack List

I want to keep a record of what I took on the run for next year. Also take a look at what I did right/wrong for me:

Pack List:
  • 64 Ounce Camelbak Without the bladder
  • 5 Snicker Marathon Bars (Thanks for the tip David Ray!)
  • 6 Packs Gu Chomps (Asst. Flavors)
  • 2 Cliff Block Shots
  • 2 Gu Roctane Gels
  • 3 Gatorade Mixing Packs (1 Gallon Worth)
  • One bottle 5 Hr. Energy
  • 4 Ginger Snap Little bites
  • 1 Pack caffeinated Jelly Beans
  • 40 Scaps
  • Head Lamp
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Small Glide Roll on with Heat Fx
  • 2 Sheets of Moleskin
For breakfast I ate a Banana Otis Spunkmeyer Muffin and 20 oz. orange juice. Then chased that with a 5 Hr. Energy to get my caffeine fix.

Good things I did:
  • I used a heavy coat of Glide on my feet and wore Drymax hiking socks ($10 from Zero blisters or foot problems the entire run! This was amazing after having wet feet for at least seven hours.
  • Brought the right amount of food - I brought 4,000 calories and ended up eating 3,600 for the day.
  • Used two water bottles instead of my Camelbak bladder. The water is frequently available & this helped to cut down on the weight of my pack.
  • Started off slow & ran with at least one other person the entire day.
  • Got in the water & took a few rest breaks off of my feet.

What I will do different next year:
  • Carry a small stick of Glide, not the stuff with heat fx in it! Try rubbing that in your chaffed areas at 20 miles!
  • Purify all of the water that I drink. I plan on using a SteriPEN which is a device that kills bacteria in about 2 minutes so you can drink the water instantly and not have to wait 30 minutes. 95% of the water that I drank was not purified. I am very fortunate to not have gotten sick.
  • Bring a wider variety of foods. I brought too many Gu block type foods and they were difficult to keep eating near the end. I will mix it up with different types of dense goodies. Protein gave me a nice long boost.
  • Bring my camera.
  • Leave the 2nd 5 Hr. Energy At Home. The 2nd one I drank did nothing for me.


  1. Thanks for the list and analysis. Good info for future planning. More food is always good.

  2. I keep reading good things about Dry Max socks, but I didn't want to wear the ones that come up to my knees. Found the low cut ones on Zombie Runner and ordered them yesterday. Can't wait to test em out!

  3. Not to freak you out, but a lot of the nasty parasites don't show up until weeks after you've ingested them. ...but not to freak you out. :) I have the Steripen. Worked well last year. Having problems this year. It may not like rechargeable batteries.