Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Signed Up For My First 100 Mile Event

Just did it - just like that! It was really easy. I printed the form & sent off the payment. Just like that I am running a 100 mile race in Florida on February 13, 2010. Heck, it was just as easy to sign up for the Weymouth Woods 100k. I have a feeling things will get tougher soon...

Yes, I have broken the rule of running. Actually I have broken several of them.

1. Too heavy & big to run that far...
2. Not enough rest between races...
3. Too many long races while just beginning in the sport...
4. Probably several other that I haven't even learned the hard way yet.

I continue to run and enjoy it. The pain & pleasure both contribute to the satisfaction. I took a nasty fall this morning while running on some creepy sidewalk terrain and may have broken a knuckle. I jumped right up from the fall, squirted some G2 on the bloody mess and kept chugging along. I never gave a 2nd thought to turning back. As a matter of fact - when the salt from the sweat finally worked it's way to the busted knuckle I just laughed and kept running.

I think the "WHY?" could be the most important aspect of running. No matter if you are running a lap around your block or 100 miles. "Why" do it?

I signed up for the 100 mile event today because I could no longer "not do it." I have to know if my mind and body can fight through the training and then complete the 100 miles at hand. Why else? I am running to God and great things, but away from other things. I'm running away from guilt, family neglect, wasting time, eating/drinking too much, and self-doubt.

Lots of crazy cool things went on in my head/heart when I finished my first two Ultra runs. My confidence peaks and I want to repeat them and experience more of it. Not to mention all of the amazing people that I am meeting along the way. It's not all about any one person, but a group of different people in a supreme struggle sharing unique goals. Sounds king of like Gotham and Batman, huh?

The 100 mile event is over six months away, but in many ways it begins today. I look forward to the training and seeing what happens!

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  1. Sounds good to me! Here's to healthy training with no injuries.