Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bucombe 34 Mile Trail Run 5/3/09 Pre-Race Thoughts

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and run the 34 mile trail run hosted by Terri Hayes. Since I have only been the marathon distance once (26.2 Miles) I thought it would be interesting to get my thoughts down about what this run will be/mean.

I have stayed in marathon running shape since January so I have somewhat of a base. I have not lost the weight that I wanted to lose (still around 240 6'2), but I am back on track with that at 2,000 calories / day.

I do feel nervous about the distance, but I think that is the buzz of the sport for me. Pushing the buck is rewarding spiritually, mentally, physically, and other ways that runners seem to sense.

I plan on walking 2 minutes for every 10 minutes that I run and probably walking a lot of the hills. I am definately bringing the camera because I want to take the memories home from this one for sure!

So going in my plan is to start off slow. Do the run/walk thing and keep snacking/sipping all day long. I would love to finish under 8 hours.

I will be running the Greer Earth Day 1/2 marathon this Saturday and will report on it with pictures afterwards.


  1. Jason, thanks for the comment. I wouldn't worry too much about it... well, having said that, I remember I was VERY nervous about my 50K. My biggest motivation was not wanting to hear the kids I coach say, "See Coach, we told you you couldn't run 31 miles." But the races Terri Hayes puts on are very relaxed (at least the one I've run was). There will be a lot of first timers there. It'll be A LOT different from your road marathon experience. I looked up your marathon time (stalker?) & I think you can do it in under 8:00 no problem. Give me a shout at the race. I'll plan on wearing a bright green shirt that may or may not say "Coach" on it. Take care. You're gonna have a great time!
    Rick Spencer
    Charlotte, NC

  2. Coach -

    Thanks for the words of advice / encouragement. Funny stalker stuff - that sounds like something I would do too! I would be pleased to finish under 8:00 - well honestly just like the marathon, finishing will be a pleasure in itself. I tend to run on the side of caution and have never pushed hard in a race because I want to be able and go run again next week.

    I will see you out there. I will have on a blue & white shirt and a black camelbak.

    Seriously, thanks for the words of encouragement - I needed to hear it. I look forward to seeing you out!

    Hope you have a great run...
    Jason Sullivan

  3. How'd it go?? Look forward to hearing your report. It was a hot day. I liked it better when the sun came out. The first 2/3 of the race was so muggy!! I was planning on pushing it. My training hasn't been great... well, OK, it's been kinda bad, so I guess I was satisfied. Felt strong the last 6 miles, which is always a good feeling, but I don't know if I pushed it as much as I'd envisioned. Finished in 6:49. Take care.