Monday, April 20, 2009

20 Miler That Felt Like 26.2 on Saturday

We were off and running early at USC Upstate around 6 AM on Saturday with a 20-21 mile training run in front of us. After two laps of the campus I was reminded that hills would be in abundance today. It was finally light enough to hit the USC portion of the Palmetto Trail around 6:45 whith about 5 miles behind us. We ran about 7 more miles on the trail and eventually got lost as usual exploring some new areas. After gaining our bearings we decided to take a break from the trail and finish the run around Milliken and HWY. 9. All was well until we hit about mile twenty near the end of the run. I bonked kinda hard and it was a struggle to finish out - but I did. I took a quick rest on the ride home and went out to do some yard work for a few hours. After that I took my son fishing for a few hours. I was pretty well spent later that evening, but I felt more confident about the 50K comming up on the Chattooga in June.

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